Hudson Community 4K

In the fall of 2016, the Hudson Board of Education voted to provide a community-based public preschool option in the Hudson district.   This significant decision was based on months of research, and the models of 413 other districts in the state of Wisconsin that have successfully implemented public 4K.  We know that quality preschool experiences are good for communities and great for kids.  But not everyone has had access to quality preschool.  By adding 4K in our community, every child can start Kindergarten with the skills that are foundational for long-term learning—a benefit for all students.


The programming, laws, scheduling, and site details surrounding 4K are many.  But a few you may need to know:

· The Hudson district 4K program is 2.5 hours per day, 437 hours per year, available to all 4 year olds living in Hudson. 

· 4K teachers can be employees of the site (BHP), as long as they hold their early childhood teaching license. 

· Sites are reimbursed by the district for providing 4K classes.  Sites may offer programming before or after scheduled 4K times and charge a fee for families who choose to participate.  Site contracts are signed annually.

· During the 2.5 hours of 4K time, there can be no religious instruction. 

· A 4K Advisory Council, comprised of Hudson preschool directors, district leaders, parents and teachers, has worked on the details for consistent implementation of programming among 4K sites.

· The 4K curriculum is similar to the curriculum BHP has been using for years.  Creative Curriculum is a play-based, exploratory learning philosophy.   Teachers will be thoroughly trained in the use of Creative Curriculum and an assessment, which are aligned with the Wisconsin Model Early Learning Standards. 

· 4K includes 87.5 hours per year of outreach to families; providing support, information, and events/family activities.  

4K at Bethel Highlands

Within the Hudson School District, there are several different sites hosting 4K classes.  Each site has some flexibility on scheduling, class offerings, and staffing.  At BHP, we place a priority on our amazing teachers, and will retain them throughout all of our classrooms, including 4K classrooms. 

The BHP Board of Directors has worked hard to determine the needs of the community and our families, and learned that both the half day and full day schedules were important, as well as maintaining the quality that has earned Bethel Highlands Preschool its excellent reputation. 

We offer a morning and an afternoon half-day option (Mon-Fri), which will be free for Hudson residents or students open-enrolled from other districts.  There is an optional faith-based supplement to the half-day program, which will be called  “Lunch Bunch”.  Lunch Bunch takes place in the time between the morning and afternoon session (11:45-12:45) every Wednesday at a monthly cost.  This time is lead by pastors and teachers, to include prayers,  chapel time,  Bible stories, and caring conversations. 

The full-day 4K+ classes have the same teacher all day, with 2.5 hours of the instructional time consisting of the Hudson 4K curriculum.  The remaining 4.5 hours of the school day include faith-based programming.  This allows us to offer 5 full days of quality preschool at a lower cost to Hudson families.