About Our Programming


All of our classes are formatted for developmentally appropriate expectations. Each day includes a balance of structured and guided unstructured time, with the understanding that learning happens best through play and experience. Classrooms are set up to encourage growth in spiritual, physical, emotional, social and cognitive development; in a manner that reaches all learners.  We are nationally accredited through the NAEYC, which requires us to maintain the highest standards. 


Spiritual—Developed through an emphasis on God: Father, Son and Spirit, through age-suited activities, songs, stories, and projects. Twice monthly Chapel Times in the Sanctuary provide the ritual, words, and setting to help children feel comfortable in “big church,” and grow a relationship with God.


Physical—Developed through the use of large and small muscles in games and play, aerobics, manipulative and non-manipulative activities, fine and large motor skills and creative movement exercises.


Emotional—Developed through a character education program, and various outlets for self-expression and expressive language; fostering growth in self-image and self-control.


Social—Developed through interaction with other children of his or her own age in planned activities and free play. Children learn to respect others and property in a setting where everyone is valued, and materials are quality.


Cognitive—Developed through an open atmosphere for exploration, curiosity, wonder, and experience. Teachers facilitate activities allowing children to learn academics and life-skills through play, creating an environment of support and positivity.


Our customized curriculum is unrivaled—utilizing our state-of-the-art facility, music room, art room, and Sanctuary. Each month includes theme-based lessons, a focus on a character value, and academic skill-builders. A detailed assessment tool allows us to focus on individual goals and to ensure kindergarten success.


Small class sizes (only 10-13 children per class) and excellent, dedicated teachers allow children to feel comfortable and confident in their first school setting. This, in turn, sets the stage for a positive attitude towards learning - an important indicator of all future academic achievement.

2022-2023 CURRICULUM



About Bethel Lutheran Church



Bethel Lutheran Church, a congregation of the Evangelical Church in America (E.L.C.A.) believes that God is at work in our life together to transform and renew the world by making followers of Jesus. You are welcome to be a part of this community of those who celebrate the forgiveness and hope that are God’s gifts to imperfect people through Jesus Christ, to grow in your faith, and to join in serving human need in his name. To learn more about Bethel Lutheran Church, click on the link below.