Tuition Rates for the

2022-2023 School Year 

What Parents Are Saying...

"Whenever people ask about BHP, I say it is the "college of pre-schools."  They have such a diverse, fun, and active curriculum for the children.  My daughter jumps in the car after school and gives me a smile and thumbs up when I ask about her day! That is all need!!"


"After a rough couple of drop-off days, the staff at Bethel Highlands Preschool worked closely with our family to plan and execute a better transition for our 5-year-old that had never been in a daycare before. This included Kari Jo taking extra time out of her schedule to do more frequent checks on our daughter and even setting aside lunch time to eat with her.

She is now sleeping during rest time, which she hasn't done for anyone else!

What a blessing to know that our daughter's environment allows her to be comfortable and relaxed enough to fall asleep!"


"My 4 year old daughter and I chose Bethel Highlands Preschool together last year.  I fell in love with their curriculum, teacher to student ratio, the programs they offer; such as art class, music class, computer workshop and chapel to say the least.  My daughter loves the fantastic playground and indoor gym!  We both love all the learning she's doing.  She is now a very proud speller of her own name.  I am so happy how much she loves school and look forward to my son attending Bethel in the future."